gaojin foods was praised by suining economic and technological development zone in the new year: leading the capital of canned food and becoming a "shining star" of suining's economy!-凯发k8555vip

people are diligent and spring comes early! on new year's day in 2022, gaojin food is in full swing, the production line is running at full capacity, the quality and quantity of products and services are guaranteed, and the firepower continues to be produced!

time flies, time is like water, and it's another year in a blink of an eye. on this beautiful moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, i wish you and your family a happy new year's day and a happy and healthy heart!

looking back at the end of the year, walking side by side with gao jin is unforgettable. in 2014, gaojin settled in suining economic and technological development zone. in the past 8 years, thanks to the leadership of high gold, the production capacity of canned meat in the park has continued to rise. in 2020, the production capacity will account for 62.7% of the province. it has successfully created the "china canned meat capital" and "national green industrial park". the park's industrial brand influence power is further enhanced. over the past 8 years, under your leadership, gaojin has continuously achieved high growth and ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in r&d investment. here, i would like to express my sincere respect and gratitude to you and gaojin for your contribution to the development of suining.

over the past 8 years, successive municipal committees and governments have also paid close attention to the development of gaojin. li jiang, secretary of the municipal party committee, and mayor huiying showed great love to gaojin, holding gaojin in the palm of their hands, and repeatedly proposed "to let suining make unique and high-quality products to a broader and larger market". gao jin is the "shining star" of suining.

a year has passed by, and the most beautiful scenery is on the next journey. in the new year, i wish gaojin, under your leadership, to welcome victory with victory and glory with glory. i also look forward to meeting you by the guanyin lake when the lotus is full of ponds, recalling the glorious years and painting a splendid future.

suining economic development zone party working committee management committee

january 2, 2022

in 2020, suining was recognized as the "capital of canned meat in china" by the china national light industry federation. among them, there is no lack of gaojin foods since its establishment in 1996, which has continued to lead with the responsibility of local leading enterprises.


/ during the new year's day, the first-line production momentum of gaojin is in full swing

as the place where gaojin's "original intention" set sail, suining is the "base camp" for gaojin's entire industry chain operation and national marketing. over the years, thanks to the unity of government and enterprise, the industry has continued to grow, the service has been widely recognized, and the products have been well received.

so far, gaojin foods has owned many national brands such as manor black pig, bashu commune, and gaojin toppin. the business line covers fine segmentation, raw preparation, cooked dishes, marinated and marinated dishes, bowls, cans, military products, gift boxes, etc.


/ whole process cold chain distribution to ensure fresh quality

in 2021, gaojin foods has successively won honors such as the top 20 private enterprises in sichuan for r&d investment, the top 500 chinese agricultural enterprises, the top 100 chinese agricultural products, and the top 500 chinese manufacturing private enterprises, and has been listed among the top 100 private enterprises in sichuan for many years. with the strong support of various territorial government departments, gaojin foods has made great achievements in seeking development with one heart and one mind.

in the new year, vientiane is renewed. what has changed is that the attitude of gaojin people is more positive. what remains unchanged is gaojin's adherence to wanjia's delicious food and food safety. gaojin foods will continue to work hard, live up to expectations, and strive for a century-old development plan.

love me high gold, there is a lot to do!




/ at present, the national new year activities of various brands of gaojin foods are hot, welcome to buy